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Jimtown Internet is a new organization serving Jamestown, Colorado. The purpose of this organization is to provide high speed, reasonably priced internet access to Jamestown residents. Jimtown Internet will be set-up as a Colorado non-profit organization.

Service is provided via a T-1 data line into Jamestown, and distributed through a wireless infrastructure using 802.11b technologies. For those unfamiliar with wireless communications a simple explanation goes something like: there is an access point that typically services 20 to 40 customers. The customer must be in line of sight of the access point radio antena. Coverage can be extended by using repeaters to get over the many hills and valleys in and around the town. At the customer's site an inexpensive wireless PC card is installed in a computer, and depending on the distance to the access point you may need an additional small to medium sized antena. For those with laptops, you can roam around town, sit by Jim Creek, have a coffee at the Merc and do your internet thing. Presently, the Jamestown Merchantile is hosting the main access point.

Some of the services that will be provided are:

  • High speed internet service t-1 speeds.
  • A email address(s) (POP3 and SMTP) Spam guard and anti-virus at the server.
  • Web site hosting on an IIS server (small fee).
  • Secure access.

    To contain costs, and foster a robust internet community, Jimtown Internet will be run by volunteers. If you have an interest or expertise in any of the following areas please contact me.

  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Wireless communications
  • Network management
  • Website development
  • Sales - Get the word out!

    Cost... What's it going to cost? The cost is $300 per year ($25/month).

    UPDATE October 2006 Progress is being made to extend service to the Overland Subdivision. If you live in the area and want service please contact Jon Ashton @ 303-544-0860 or email jon AT jimtown.org

    UPDATE June 2004 We now have a permenant setup for streaming live music from the Jamestown Mercantile every Thursday and Saturday nights. We will also be archiving these shows and making them available so that you can enjoy your favorite merc shows at any time. Check it out here. Enjoy!

    UPDATE February 2004 Seven wireless clients are now on-line, and another five users are working on wired network. The email server is now up and running and we are fine tuning it to block spam and viruses.

    If you are interested and want to sign-up or you have any questions please contact me. It's much easier to plan a wireless system when all the client's locations are known in advance.


    Jon Ashton
    P.O. Box 26
    Jamestown, CO 80455
    jon AT jimtown DOT org